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The dream of many artists and musicians is maybe not to be world famous but to achieve transmitting something extraordinary to the audience, a breathtaking moment where their values and inner emotions are shown through music with unforgettable moments and standing ovations as a result.

During my years as a professional and businesswoman I worked in a wide range of fields, but always with International Business as my main focus.

Since my childhood, I always felt a special passion for music and a dream was always to work within the music industry. In 2018 I started co-working with the well-known Hungarian concert pianist István Székely, after many years of close friendship. Trust and mutual understanding are the bases for a well functioning collaboration.

Through our friendship I have been able to follow his career during all these years and I have seen the result and impact his playing gives to the audience during his recitals and concerts.

István Székely certainly manages to transmit something extraordinary to the audience, with his technical ease, powerfulness, profoundness, depth and quality in his interpretations. Many musicians and colleagues consider him a musical genius in his time, an artist with an extraordinary virtuosity and fingering with standing ovations and tears as a result.